The company was founded in 1998

The company operates in the field of leather shoes Alstadtah, in terms of comfort and health. Valhmae is the most important because the spinal column is based upon most of the time, that the violin shoes

Skin does not cause any time type of fungus in the foot.

And compete in the market Bohvetna, from several aspects:

* Raw materials used in the shoe industry, where we choose carefully to be convenient health, and hold up longer.

* Adequate and ergonomic design, and determine the medical specifications.

* Different formats, we have a wide variety and multiple models for women of all ages, and for all occasions,

Our shoes, including the practical and formal.

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Senior staff in the company of designers and technicians goal Atnaj best local shoe beautiful and appropriate and in conformity with health and medical standards.

Our industry and the entire national

We are available in the local market and strongly aspire to get into new markets.

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